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Principle of Electric Faucet


Electric Faucet, such as Hot Cold Mixer Bidet Faucet For Toilet, Bathroom Hot And Cold Water Tap, etc., is an emerging type of home faucet, which can meet our hot water needs. Do you know how Electric Faucet works?

Tap water enters the electric heating faucet through the spool and pushes the floating magnetic or water pressure switch. The floating magnetic or water pressure switch turns from off to closed under the action of water pressure, so that the power is turned on. After the power is turned on, the heating indicator lights up, and the heating tube At the same time, it starts heating and transfers the heat to the tap water in the faucet, so that the tap water flows out of the faucet and comes out as hot water. If the spool is in the state of closing or opening cold water, the internal floating magnet or water pressure switch will not start, the circuit will be disconnected, the indicator light will not light, and the heating pipe will not heat up.

There is a heater and an electrical control body in the faucet, which can be sealed and separated, so that the electrical appliance can play the role of heating the water flow of the circuit. Electric hot water faucets can heat water in a few minutes, which is quite efficient. The principle of the electric faucet is to install an electrical switch that can heat the circuit in the faucet, and connect it with an insulated water pressure switch to control the in and out of hot water.

The electric faucet is suitable for use in star-rated hotels, guesthouses, public places, hospitals, households, etc. It is an ideal choice for you to pursue a noble and elegant life!

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