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About Us

Quanzhou Trade Amharic Production and Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  We are a professional manufacturer of high-performance electric heating tubes and various electric heaters. We design and manufacture them according to customer needs, and have a professional design team, management team, and production team. We have successfully provided high-quality products and services to multiple enterprises. Passed certificates such as 9001 quality system certification, occupational and health certification, explosion-proof certificate, CCC mandatory certification, etc.

The company is divided into two major business units

1、 The Civil Heating Pipe Division produces various high-performance electric heating pipes, explosion-proof electric heating pipes, and other products, and has obtained the "Qualified Supplier" certificate issued by multiple customers,

2、 The Industrial Heater Division produces various types of high-temperature anti-corrosion and explosion-proof electric heating pipes, high and low temperature electric heating radiation pipes, explosion-proof pressure circulation heaters, complete sets of conductive oil systems, high-temperature channel electric heaters, molten salt high-temperature electric heaters, intelligent temperature control cabinets, and supporting electrical systems. We continuously develop high-quality electric heater products with high technological content and outstanding cost advantages.

The company has a fully automatic heating tube production line and advanced domestic production equipment, with an annual output of over 5 million electric heating tubes and 4000 electric heaters per set. The main technical indicators meet or exceed the standards of IEC, UL, CE, GS, GB4706.1, and JB/T2379. The products are widely used in various fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics, military industry, chemical fiber, electricity, environmental protection, air separation, new energy, and are sold domestically and internationally, with a complete marketing network. Both business units have departments such as the Marketing Department, Procurement Department, Technology Department, Quality Inspection Department, and Production Department. The company has increased its technological research and development, established good cooperative relationships with multiple higher education institutions, and utilized years of rich production experience to produce a series of products that are highly favored by customers.

The company will provide high-quality products, management, and service to our new and old customers.

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