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Commonly used Paint Brush types and usage methods


At present, there are many kinds of Paint Brush, and the performance of similar products produced by different manufacturers is also quite different. When selecting, it should be properly screened, and the most handy product can be selected smoothly. The watercolor brushes commonly used in watercolor smudging include row pens, flat pens, mop pens, round brushes, and wolf hair brushes. The following will introduce the performance and usage of watercolor brushes according to their types.

The material types of pad pens include squirrel hair, wool, bristle, synthetic fiber, etc., and the length types include long peak and normal length. We use the most wool pens. It can help us evenly wet the paper surface and complete the work of smudging. This kind of brush is characterized by large water absorption, low elasticity of the bristles, and strong shape-setting ability. The bristles at the end of the brush are uneven, which can draw out lines flatly, and can also point out mottled textures. In short, the function is extremely powerful, and it is an indispensable tool when drawing large-scale watercolor paintings. The hair of the squirrel hair brush is extremely soft, and some manufacturers' products are mixed with an appropriate amount of synthetic fibers to enhance their elasticity. Due to its super water storage capacity, it also increases the difficulty of control invisibly, so it is often used for large-scale blurring of pictures. Only thin-bristle squirrel hair pens and small squirrel hair pens are suitable for coloring of small-scale pictures. The boar bristle row brush has thick and strong bristles, which are especially suitable for smudging the sky, water surface and creating textured strokes.

The synthetic fiber pens produced by Da Vinci have the most powerful functions, and there are many types to choose from. The soft-haired type can be called a magic tool for spreading water, and the hard-haired type can draw large brushstrokes with straight and clear edges. Flat pens can draw brushstrokes with clear edges. Wool flat pens, squirrel hair flat pens, and mink hair flat pens are most suitable for smudging and laying colors, and their usage is similar to row pens.

The mop pen is a necessary smudge painting tool for many painters at present. The squirrel hair mop pen is soft and has a large water absorption capacity. Well-known brands include Da Vinci, Raphael, Winsor & Newton, ESCODA, NEEF, Princeton, etc. Da Vinci and NEEF have better strokes, not only suitable for shading but also for drawing details. Unlike other brands that use feather pipe hoops, ESCODA uses metal pipe hoops, which make the brushes more durable. Da Vinci mink mop pen, the bristles have large water absorption, moderate hardness, precise and sharp tip, and are easy to control. It is not only suitable for smudging but also suitable for drawing details. It is multi-functional, but the price is relatively expensive. In order to pursue economy and durability, many pen manufacturers have produced mop pens with fiber hair and mixed hair.

Among the round brushes, squirrel hair, mink hair, and cow ear hair round brushes are mostly used to draw details in smudging, such as clouds and water ripples. The soft white pearl rayon hair can add subtle changes in the bloom, such as the halo of the sun, the shadow and reflection of the snow and so on.

Chinese painting brushes produced in my country are also very suitable for watercolors, such as Langhao, Yanghao, and Jianhao brushes, which have sufficient water storage and excellent texture. They can not only smudge and spread colors, but also draw shapes and strokes with various functions. Many foreign painters also use Chinese traditional painting brushes.

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